WTG Chooses Long-Time Channel Vet as First-Ever Strategic Alliances Director

Strategic alliance

Master agent WTG has hired channel veteran Tom Gorey, formerly with Integra and XO Communications, to fill the newly created role of director of strategic alliances.

WTG announced his hiring during this week’s Hawaiian Holiday event in Palm Springs. He most recently was a consultant with Evernex and Channel2Go.

Vince Bradley, WTC’s CEO, tells Channel Partners that Gorey’s role will be a high-level overlay position for the master agent’s LECs. He will make sure “we are driving the message, driving the sales and then more importantly than all is to support on the highest level,” he said.

“It’s exciting times right now in the channel and so for us that position was really necessary and it was really about finding the right person, and we couldn’t be happier with Tom,” he said.

WTG has 150 providers and 3,000 agents, VARs and MSPs, and offers traditional telecom services such as local and long-distance, telephony circuits, wireless and internet connectivity, and an expanding portfolio of cloud computing services.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Gorey talks about his goals for the new position and shares insights about the channel and the numerous changes that have occurred in recent years.

Channel Partners: Why did you want to take this position with WTG?

WTG's Tom Gorey

WTG’s Tom Gorey

Tom Gorey: I’ve known these guys for about 20 years now, and they’re just a good group of people, they’ve got a good mission, they’re always thinking about what’s going on next in the future and I wanted to be a part of that.

CP: What’s your take on WTG’s current channel strategy? Any changes needed?

TG: We’re in a technology industry so there’s always going to be an evolution, there’s always a change. And we’re also going through this at a time of tremendous change with our partners. We’ve got mergers and acquisitions going on all over the place, and as they redefine how they go to market, that’s going to cause changes in the distribution channel. I love change. We will adapt to it.

CP: Are there a lot of challenges ahead?

TG: I wouldn’t call them challenges so much as opportunities because it gives everybody a chance to reset and think. When things are status quo, everyone’s just happy doing what they’ve been doing, and when they see changes in the market they have to figure out how do they react to that. So that causes everybody to take a step back and pause, and say OK, what am I going to do with this now? And while they’re making those decisions it…

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