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Boxwave Introduces Apple iPhone A

BoxWave Corp. has announced the availability of its Apple iPhone accessories, ranging from leather cases to charging solutions.

The iPhone Designio Leather Case and Leather Sleeve are slim and soft leather storage options that are custom-fitted for a customers Apple iPhone. These cases are available in six colors: jet black, leaf green, scarlet red, soft pink, tangerine orange and winter white. BoxWave also offers a FlexiSkin low-profile case made of an anti-static material to guard against dust and accidental bumps. The FlexiSkin is available in aluminum grey, coral pink, frosted clear, future blue, jet black and smoke grey. Another option, the ClearTouch Anti-Glare Screen Protector, is designed for users who require maximum screen readability under sunlight, and it offers more than 99 percent visual transparency.

The VersaCharger PRO combines the car charger, wall charger and airplane charger through an optional converter, to create an all-inclusive iPhone charger. The Battery Adapter PRO for Emergency Power enables iPhone charging by standard AA batteries, to keep the iPhone powered through blackouts, emergencies or long flights. Finally, miniSync is a retractable cable that synchronizes and charges an iPhone, and it also allows an iPhone to serve as a portable storage drive for transferring and saving any type of files.

BoxWave also released miniBuds Stereo Headphones, which produce stereo sound with a wider frequency response in a portable compact design.

FlexiSkin case

miniSync retractable cables

Designio leather sleeve

Visto Announces Secure Corporate E-mail for Apple iPhone

Visto, a provider of mobile e-mail solutions for business users, announced the support of corporate e-mail functionality for the Apple iPhone. Through Visto, iPhone users will be able to experience secure mobile access to current and legacy versions of both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino corporate messaging platforms.

Visto Mobile offers iPhone users the ability to secure their personal information using end-to-end security. For IT departments, this means they can encrypt and protect sensitive corporate data without making any changes to their existing security infrastructures.

Visto Mobile for the iPhone will be available in late third quarter 2007. iPhone users will be eligible for a free 60-day trial of the Visto Mobile service.

Susteens DataPilot Proves Useful to iPhone Users

Susteen Inc.s flagship product, DataPilot, enables iPhone users to transfer their old cell phones content to their new iPhones. iPhone users can plug an old cell phone into a computer and download an address book directly into Microsoft Outlook or Macintosh Address Book, or download music, pictures and videos to the computers hard drive. Then, users can upload their complete mobile content to the iPhone using iTunes. In addition to the iPhone, DataPilot supports more than 650 phones on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Power Support Releases iPhone Protectors

Power Supports Crystal Film

Power Supports Crystal Jacket

Power Support launched two accessories, the Crystal Jacket Set and the Crystal Film Set, designed to safeguard the iPhone. The Crystal Jacket Set includes a crystal clear case and LCD film to protect the iPhone from scratches, dust and impacts. The snap-on case weighs only .5 oz, and it comes with a holster that rotates 180 degrees. The Crystal Jacket Set retails for $30. The iPhone Crystal Film Set includes two films that cover the entire face of the iPhone to protect against scratches, dust and dirt. The crystal clear film maintains LCD brightness and does not interfere with the touchscreens responsiveness. The film is made of static cling plastic that wont leave a sticky residue when removed, and they can also be cleaned and reapplied. The Crystal Film Set costs $16.

T-Mobile Announces Consumer Release of Hotspot@home

T-Mobile USA has released its Wi-Fi-cellular roaming service, Hotspot@Home, to the average American consumer. The UMA-based service allows subscribers to roam between T-Mobiles cellular GSM network and open, unlocked Wi-Fi networks. The service launches with two $50 handsets the Nokia 6086 and the Samsung t409. Calls, longdistance or otherwise, originating on a Wi-Fi network are unlimited and included in the Hotspot@Home service plan, even if the calls roam over to cellular. The Wi-Fi plan costs $19.99 per month for individuals and $29.99 for families. Subscribers also need a cellular T-Mobile plan, and calls originating on the cellular network and continuing on the Wi-Fi network are billed as cellular calls.

Qwest Wireless Offers Moto Q Handset

Qwest Communications International Inc. announced that Qwest Wireless now offers the MOTO Q smartphone handset, which offers real-time mail delivery and Web browsing on a 2.4-inch, color display screen. The MOTO Q holds up to eight e-mail message in-boxes and includes optional expandable memory up to two gigabits. The handset offers high speeds when accessing Sprint Power Vision network to download content, and features document-viewing services so users can view spreadsheets, presentations and other documents.

Qwest Wireless network services are provided on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. The new handset is currently available at a discounted price with a one- or two-year Qwest Wireless contract for eligible customers.

MotionApps mDayscape PIM on the Palm Foleo

Palm Adds Features to Foleo Mobile Companion

Palm Inc. announced MotionApps mDayscape Personal Information Manager will be available for the new Palm Foleo mobile companion. mDayscape lets customers manage calendars, contacts and tasks on the Foleo and synchronizes with a Treo smartphone to access personal information on the go. MotionApps mDayscape is a Personal Information Manager developed natively and exclusively for the Foleo mobile companion.,,

Motorola Introduces Good Mobile Messaging 5

Following Motorola Inc.s recent acquisition of Good Technology Inc., the company announced the release of Good Mobile Messaging 5 (Good 5). Good 5 provides users with customizable features and enhanced e-mail, PIM and security, including anti-virus checkers, application and device lockdown, advanced password management and advanced encryption management. The software and service will run on both IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange. Good 5 is expected to be available in September.

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