Wireless Showcase: Dual-Mode Devices

Product Name:
Sereno UM-1
Manufacturer: Quorum Systems Inc.,
Price: Less than $100
Functionality: Based on Quorums Sereno QS2000 transceiver, the Sereno UM-1 is a reference design for a clamshell GSM/EDGE cellular plus 802.11b/g Wi-Fi device.
Availability: TBD; the company is trialing the handset with several operator partners.

Product Name:
Residential Seamless Mobility Gateway (RSG)
Manufacturer: Motorola Inc.
Price: Between $120 and $190
Functionality: The system includes a wireless home router and built-in VoIP adapter, so the RSG can run a home network, power standard telephones and act as an 802.11g hot spot. When paired with a dual-mode handset such as the Motorola A910, RSG can transfer calls to the cellular network, without interrupting the call. The RSG works with either CDMA or GSM phones as long as they are UMA-enabled.
Availability: Summer 2006

Product Name:
Manufacturer: UTStarcom Inc.,
Price: TBD
Functionality: The GF200 dual-mode phone supports standard GSM cellular calls and 802.11b/g. The phone can be configured to meet specific operator requirements for operators offering seamless VoIP/cellular integration or it can be configured to work with two separate operators: one cellco, one WLAN provider.
Second quarter 2006

Product Name:
C51 Cordless Phone System
Manufacturer: Motorola Inc.,
Price: Each component is sold a la carte, ranging from $49.99 to $120.
Functionality: The system includes a VoIP phone adapter so users can seamlessly use their VoIP service through their Wi-Fi-friendly 5.8GHz cordless phone system or switch to a landline. An optional cell dock acts as a link between the 5.8GHz cordless phone and any cell phone that is Bluetooth-enabled, GSM or CDMA.
Availability: Spring 2006

Product Name:
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB,
Price: Approximately $600
Functionality: This 802.11b Wi-Fi-enabled GSM smart phone for UMTS 3G networks offers video calling, push e-mail, high-bandwidth multimedia downloads and the ability to browse the Internet with full HTML pages.
Availability: Second quarter 2006, initially for Europe and Asia

Product Name:

The A910 Handset
Manufacturer: Motorola Inc.
Price: TBD
Functionality: The A910 uses UMA technology for seamless access to GSM/GPRS features over WLANs (802.11b/g). It features Bluetooth, multimedia capabilities, camera, MP3 player and more.
Availability: Third quarter 2006

Product Name: Dual Mode Mobile (DMM) Client 3100
Manufacturer: Nortel Networks,
Price: $65 for the standard package; $115 for the enhanced package with integrated VPN client
Functionality: Nortels DMM3100 is an enterprise Wi-Fi/cellular solution with optional VPN client software for Windows Mobile devices. The DMM 3100 gives mobile workers a simplified and common device interface to manage wide area cellular and workplace Wi-Fi connections. The supporting platform is Nortels Multimedia Communication Server 5100 Rls 3.5.
April 2006

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