Windstream Channel Chief: Partners Eager for New, Post-Bankruptcy Chapter

Bankruptcy with Gavel

… the education of our partners and potentially allow us to develop certification programs more enhanced from what they are today.

CP: What’s driving the need for the increase in education and training?

MM: Our business over the past couple years has transformed and pivoted to more of the modern age solutions. Those solutions are more complex in nature than circuits and basic telephony solutions. We want to make sure that as our partners continue to go deeper into the stock of customer needs and desires upon their topology, that we are arming them and matching them effort for effort with the tools that will allow them to be successful inside of those complex solutions. So our investment plan is to continue to drive awareness and education, both as industry insights as well as our Windstream Enterprise portfolio offering insights.

CP: Is the channel integration program complete or is there more work to be done?

MM: Part of our business model is to continue to assess, constantly evaluate, look at best practices regionally and geographically, and expand upon those in areas that we can see improvement. With that said, we have rolled out channel integration nationally. We continue to see remarkable results from our channel integration program as well. If indications reveal anything, it would say that this program has quite a future for us. We have seen some large new logo marquee names become customers of ours through this program, and our funnels of opportunity of large, multi-towered solutions prospects. We are also grounded in the fact that the keys to the success of this program are our partner experience and customer experience, and making sure that we’re constantly evaluating best approaches to continue to move the ball forward as we progress in redefining and redeveloping the definition of partnership.

CP: What sort of feedback are you receiving from partners with chapter 11 exit approaching?

MM:  Our partners are as eager as we are to get to the end of this chapter and turn the page to the next chapter of our story. Internally, our focus has been and continues to be on that next chapter. Our business afforded us the increase in investments and resources, and market-leading solutions in order to prepare us for that forward future view. I can tell you that I’m an optimist by nature, but our future looks bright and our partners are seeing the change. The reception we have seen being granted by our partners is strong and gaining more momentum daily. I talk to partners and receive messages from partners everyday applauding the changes we’re making. And they all are looking forward to continued success as we continue to build this program.

CP: What’s the latest in terms of momentum in SD-WAN and UCaaS?

MM: Similar to other suppliers with great histories of heritage services, I would tell you the past couple years for us have been …

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