Wholesale: Williams Network Realigns Leadership

Posted: 11/2000

Williams Network Realigns Leadership
By Khali Henderson

Williams Communications (
has realigned the leadership of its network business unit. The changes followed
the departure of some of its key executives, including president of carrier
services Gordon Martin, but were not a result of such losses, a Williams
spokesperson told PHONE+. The changes were already in the works, the
spokesperson said, echoing public statements made by the company that the
restructuring reflects its move from a construction to an operational focus.

Martin left Williams in July to become CEO of America’s Fiber Network (
and was followed by many Williams’ employees who also left to join the
Tulsa-based startup. Among those were Bunker Sessions, vice president of
technology; Gary Watson, vice president of service delivery and assurance; David
Cordeiro, vice president of planning and business development for network; J.B.
Manley, director of business development and business planning for the network
business; Bill Hampton, vice president of carrier sales; and Kathy Case, vice
president of customer care for the network business.

The new guard at Williams Network will be lead by Bill Cornog as senior vice
president and general manager of network services. Although he has a different
title, he will take over responsibilities once held by Martin. Cornog is
previously a partner in the Dallas office of Boston Consulting Group, and joined
Williams in April as vice president of IP and data services. His organization
includes Blaine Gilles, vice president of voice services; Paul Savill, vice
president of data services; and Paul Aiello, moving from the company’s Solutions
business to lead the Network sales group as vice president of sales.

Sharon Crow, vice president of bandwidth trading, will continue to have
responsibility for risk management and bandwidth optimization functions as part
of core network operations.

Jeff Storey, who joined Williams from Cox Communications in 1999, is the new
senior vice president and chief operations officer for Network. Storey was
responsible for commercial broadband services at Cox, and originally joined
Williams as vice president of access services.

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