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Posted: 09/2001

Wholesale Channel


* STAR Telecommunications Inc. (
announced in July that it would cease providing wholesale carrier services to
U.S. customers.

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based STAR, which filed in March for voluntary
bankruptcy protection, said it would continue to provide wholesale services to
customers of its STAR Europe subsidiary and provide retail services through its
Allstar, CEO and PT-1 subsidiaries.

The company has requested an extension through November for a right to file a
reorganization plan. The company provides international and long-distance
services, international private line, dial-around services and international
toll-free services.

* Level 3 Communications Inc. (
signed a $1.3 million agreement in June to provide broadband services to
Littleton, Colo.-based CLEC Time Warner Telecom Inc. (

In a one-year agreement, Time Warner Telecom purchased private-line intercity
capacity on several routes in North America.

In July Level 3 also announced private-line agreements with Verizon
Communications Global Solutions Inc.
and Japan Telecom America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Telecom
Co. Ltd

Under the multimillion-dollar agreement with Verizon, Level 3 will provide
private-line and collocation services for Verizon’s new global network.

Japan Telecom America has purchased intercity transmission capacity from
Level 3 in North America using Level 3’s (3)Link Private Line service.

* XO Communications Inc. (
has introduced metropolitan wavelength services in each of its 62 U.S. markets.

The Reston, Va.-based CLEC is offering carriers and enterprises optical
capacity in the form of OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192.

The wavelength services can operate at different bit rates and support
various transport protocols. XO executives say customers will be able to expand
metropolitan capacity within weeks, rather than months.

* TXU Communications (
has opened two new PoPs in Waco and Killeen, Texas. The PoP in Waco links the
company’s network to Southwestern Bell’s (
CO, while the Killeen PoP connects to Sprint’s Corp. (

"These additional on/off ramps to our network positions us more
competitively for our wholesale customers and for future local customers in
these markets," said Ken Whitton, vice president of transport/industry
services for TXU. "Extending our network in this manner allows us to build
self-healing rings and provide shorter, more direct routes."

Wholesale Channel

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