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Vanco Launches NetDirect

Virtual network operator Vanco Plc launched Vanco NetDirect, which allows customers to select and provision DIA and MPLS services through a Web portal. Once signed in to the system, users can enter each site location and circuit requirement circuit type, bandwidth and class of service to display prices for locations globally, and to place orders for those circuits. Ongoing network assurance is highly automated and accessed through a Web portal as well.

Vanco NetDirect is ideal for carriers, systems integrators and outsourcers looking to extend their reach, the company said.

Intelliverse Puts Resellers in Business in Two Weeks

Intelliverse now offers its hosted VoIP service for SMBs, Talking Planet Business, to service providers under a private-label program that can be implemented in as few as 14 days. The program allows service providers to offer their SMBs features previously reserved for enterprises. In addition, the platform is fully customizable and deployments generally include 4-port and 8-port IAD units. Users also may continue to use their analog phones.

VoiceLog Debuts E-Mail Notification Service

VoiceLog LLC unveiled its E-mail Notification service for third-party verification clients. Customers are notified when a call to a subscriber is incomplete or when the subscriber does not verify a change in service. Depending on the agreement, VoiceLog will call subscribers one to three times before sending notification. Clients also have the option to designate who receives the notice.

Marigold Grows Direct Marketing Lists

Marigold Technologies LLC, a direct marketing list acquisition firm, has released Broadband America, a list companies can use in their efforts to acquire U.S. broadband Internet subscribers. The information contains 31 million records and is updated daily, often by 40,000 records, according to Marigold Technologies.

In addition to sorting by standard fields such as address and telephone, unique select options are included for ISP, opt-in e-mail domain and telecom central office fields.

NetGain Upgrades TEM Solution

NetGain Communications released iTEMize 2.0, the latest version of its TEM software-as-a-service application available for sale through agents and private-label resellers. Launched in May 2006, iTEMize manages inventory and financial aspects of wireline and wireless telecom services. Among other things, the new version offers a proprietary Web-based interface that allows clients to easily load inventory and invoices directly into the application. The channel program for the service was rolled out in late August and includes 15- 23 percent commissions for agents and a minimum 40 percent margin for resellers, the company said. Now Can Sell SIP Trunking has expanded its channel partner program to allow VARs to sell its SIP trunking product, as well as data and network services. With SIP trunking, partners can help customers implement VoIP on top of SIP-enabled IP PBXs without upgrading or buying new hardware.

Qwest Wholesale Rolls Out Local Service Platform

Qwest Wholesale has introduced Qwest Local Service Platform (QLSP), a local exchange service that allows CLECs to offer businesses and consumers the TDM features with standardized installation rates and provisioning times. QLSP services are the functional equivalent of Qwest Platform Plus, and include growth and retention incentives that allow CLECs to modify rates based on their volume trajectories.

PAETEC Blazes iPATH Transit Service Suite

PAETEC Communications Inc. has initiated a national launch of its iPATH VoIP Transit Services Suite. The suite initially includes SIP-based DID aggregation service and 1+ VoIP domestic termination. Both products provide a cost-effective alternative to the IXC for the transport of IP traffic, the company said.

McLeodUSA Expands Local Wholesale Offer

McLeodUSA Inc. rolled out two new local voice services as part of it wholesale portfolio. The first is a UNE-P Replacement Service for nonfacilities-based resellers serving residential, business and payphone locations. The second addition, Wholesale DLC Service, enables facilities-based CLECs, to operate their own local switch while leveraging McLeodUSAs network coverage and providing transport services from a McLeodUSA central office. McLeodUSA has more than 650 CO colocations and 18,000 route miles of fiber providing services to more than 490 cities.

Citel Introduces SIP Trunking Voice Solution

Citel announced a SIP trunking voice solution that includes Citels PBXgateway (I or II) at the central site and Citel EXTender 4100, 6000, IP6000 or 7000 at remote locations. The solution, combined with SIP trunks from a service provider, enables enterprises to reduce longdistance charges by replacing at least one T1 connection at a remote office. The solution also enables one dialing plan and voice mail system administered at headquarters.

BumbleBee-EX Creates WiMAX Buzz

Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc., a Wi-Fi test equipment manufacturer that sells through VARs, has released a wideband version of its precision spectrum analyzer series, the BumbleBee-EX, for handheld and rugged WiMAX spectrum analysis. BumbleBee lets installers, engineers and technicians measure a variety of bands for network installation, coverage and RF interference analysis.

The latest addition analyzes 2.3GHz-5.9GHz, which is ideal for studying and logging 802.16 WiMAX, 802.11b/a/g Wi-Fi, VoIP, public safety band and Bluetooth interference. BumbleBees touch screen allows users to tap on points of interest in the waveform and drill down for further analysis. Advanced spectrum analysis features include three waveform traces, peak hold, peak search and user-selectable packet/interference triggers. Recent feature updates also include spectrogram, histogram and radio frequency interference ID assist screens, as well as data logging/filtering and radio frequency band presets.

D-Link Ships Wireless Stackable Switches

D-Link is shipping the latest addition to its xStack line of wireless stackable gigabit switches. The DWS-3250 integrates wired and wireless switching capabilities, and features 10GB uplinks and a 10- client access point license that can be upgraded to accommodate 25 devices. The switch targets SMBs and is distributed through VARs and other channel partners.Up to 16 of the new switches can be stacked to deliver up to 768 gigabit ports. The DWS-3250 also provides wireless security, rogue access point detection and centralized management for all compatible wireless LAN components.

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