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TeleBright Adds Capabilities to ManageRight

TeleBright Corp. has added three new capabilities to its ManageRight hosted telecom expense management product, which it sells through channel partners. First, the TEM service now includes a client-programmable dashboard that analyzes invoice data and displays the results as a graphic format for at-a-glance cost analysis. Invoice line items can be selected and ranked over a period of time creating charts and graphics.

Another enhancement analyzes information from ManageRights orders, tickets, invoice and budget modules to provide financial and operational trending reports. Trend reports are drawn from the vendor and spend data in the modules and are displayed in tables and charts. Finally, TeleBright has upgraded its import utility to enable users to define the import mapping for invoices, inventory or locations, etc., that need to be uploaded routinely into the ManageRight system. All three enhancements are available immediately at no additional

Verizon Wholesale Adds High-Cap SLAs

Verizon Partner Solutions, the wholesale unit of Verizon Communications Inc., announced it is offering national SLAs on interstate DS1 and DS3 special access services throughout its footprint. Under the new SLA plan, if a special access service is not installed by the committed due date, DS1 customers could receive a credit worth up to 50 percent of the monthly recurring charge for the service, or up to $500, depending on the Verizon tariff that applies. DS3 customers could receive a credit of up to $1,000. Customers also could be eligible for a credit of up to $250 for a DS1 or $1,000 for a DS3 service outage not resolved within a specified time. There is no extra charge for the new SLA plan, but to be eligible customers must sign a subscription form.

NBS Rolls Out New VoIP Products

NBS has rolled out two new VoIP products for agents.The NBS Hosted and Intelligent Local T1 services allow either full or partial VoIP convergence solutions for the commercial marketplace. Full commissions are paid on both products and cash bonuses on the hosted service can reach up to $35 per seat. The NBS V.o.I.C.E. Hosted service offers full conversion of traditional business communications to VoIP technology. It is a PBX replacement system that eliminates a companys need to maintain separate voice and data networks. NBS Intelligent Local T1 is a trunkreplacement product that offers hybrid VoIP solutions for those organizations that want to keep using existing PBX equipment and still take advantage of the functionality of VoIP. It offers competitive local and long-distance rates and unlimited on-net calling for dispersed multilocation offices, the company said. The Intelligent T1 can be offered with or without full Internet T1 bandwidth capabilities (shared with 32kbps/call voice lines).

10-Digit Dialing Goes Electronic

The Electronic Phone Card, a small dialer that adheres to a phone handset, was invented by Noble Inc. to replace the 10-digit dialing process. Once the dialer is attached to the handset, the user presses the Dial button, then enters the number being called.

The device is available for sale to channel partners, even though the company does not have an established partner program.

Resellers can expect to pay approximately $2.50 per device. The products have lifespans of 500-800 long-distance phone calls.

Genesys Conferencing Adds Softphone to Virtual Meetings

Genesys Conferencing has developed a proprietary VoIP softphone that is fully integrated with the companys multimedia conferencing service, Genesys Meeting Center. The softphone replaces the telephone in a virtual meeting using VoIP to connect participants to the audio portion of an online meeting. One primary benefit of the softphone is its low bandwidth requirement; it uses 10kbps data

Envox Unveils New Gateway

Envox Worldwide has unveiled the Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco Systems Inc.s CallManager, an extension to the Envox CT Connect product line. Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager enables IVR, CRM, workforce management and other contact center solutions to communicate with Cisco CallManager. It also enables third-party call control of Cisco IP stations. Applications can assign these stations to monitor status and initiate third-party call control functionality including the ability to make calls, answer calls, place calls on hold, transfer calls and have conference

AppCritical Tests SME Converged Networks

Responding to demand from its resellers and integrators, Apparent Networks has developed a version of AppCritical (formerly called AppareNet) for midsize enterprises. The new edition of the software that tests and monitors converged networks starts at $40,000. AppCritical SME was designed to simplify pre-deployment network assessments and ongoing network management. It evaluates performance capabilities and identifies and isolates the sources of degradation on networks supporting voice and data

TMone Launches Broadband Marketing Database

Telesales and database marketing firm now is licensing its proprietary broadband marketing database, which will be available for direct mail marketing use. The companys telesales division will maintain exclusivity regarding the use of the databases telephone numbers. The database consists of high-speed Internet consumers that have purchased broadband access such as cable, DSL or FTTH from companies such as AT&T Inc., BellSouth Corp. and others. It comes with demographic and lifestyle information, and is scrubbed against the national change of address database provided by the United States Postal Service, guaranteeing higher delivery rates.

Firetide Makes a HotPoint

Mesh networks developer Firetide Inc. is shipping its new line of HotPoint access points for municipal and enterprise wireless networks. The new devices have more features that let providers support multiple Wi-Fi services and virtual networks over a Firetide wireless mesh infrastructure as well as a conventional wired network.

Firetide is shipping both indoor and outdoor HotPoint access point models. Both models share features such as advanced controls for Hotspot service providers. The outdoor model has a weatherproof enclosure that can be mounted to a HotPort mesh node or used as a standalone access point. Power also can be supplied directly by the mesh node, which eliminates the need for a separate power supply.

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