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SpectraLink Releases Newest Wi-Fi Phone

SpectraLink Corp. released the newest in a series of wireless phones, the Link 6020, which runs on the companys Link Wireless Telephone System. The new device features a speakerphone and lithium-ion battery packs for talk times of up to eight hours. It supports the IP 53 standard for water and dust resistance. It also has a larger display than the companys previous phones. The phones cost $695 apiece.

TNCI Begins Deployment of Nationwide CIC

TNCI has begun deployment of its own carrier identification code (CIC) in LATAs throughout the continental United States. Once the CIC is deployed, TNCI will be able to better manage traffic and offer customers more competitive rates in all eligible equal access areas across the country. Our industry position and financial strength have enabled TNCI to make this move to simplify the sales and provisioning process for all. It eliminates the confusion that often surrounds carrier selection as TNCI agents simply will be able to select TNCI, said Brian Twomey, TNCI President.

Quintum Develops Survivable IP Switch

Quintum Technologies Inc. announced a new version of its Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switch, which provides support to branch offices in an IP telephony network when IP connectivity with the voice server at the main location is lost. In event of an IP failure, the new Survivable Tenor S keeps the local IP telephony phone network operational, regardless of what happens on the WAN. Pricing starts at $365 for a two-port Tenor S.

Toshiba Rounds Out Strata CIX Line With CIX40

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. Telecommunication Systems Division expanded its Strata CIX line of IP business communications systems by adding the Strata CIX40 for small companies.

The Strata CIX40 supports up to 16 station ports and eight IP channels. As with Toshibas other Strata CIX products, the CIX40 can be TDM-enabled and can be networked with any other CIX40 or larger Strata CIX systems.

The system supports IP phones, IP wireless telephones, IP softphones on notebook and tablet PCs, and digital and analog telephones. It also contains integrated voice mail that supports up to 374 mailboxes, offers live message call monitoring, LCD feature prompting, soft keys and call record.

Applications for the system further include auto attendant, automated speech recognition, text to speech, unified messaging, IVR, automatic call distribution and reporting, Web-based personal and system administration and Web-based telephone applications.

Digi Does EV-DO

Digi International Inc. released the ConnectPort WAN VPN S-EvDo router, which combines the functionality of a cellular router, firewall, switch, VPN appliance and terminal server in one device. It is certified on the Sprint Power Vision Network to provide wireless communications at average download speeds of 400kbps to 700kbps and peak download speeds up to 2mbps. The router will accommodate EV-DO Rev A, which will be available later this year, increasing upload and download speeds.

Qovia Upgrades IP Telephony Manager

Qovia Inc.s upgraded IP Telephony Manager letsadminstrators perform functions such as viewing callquality as calls are in progress.

Qovia Inc. enhanced its IP Telephony Manager to provide visibility into call quality from the gateway to the handset as calls are in progress. This helps determine whether problems originate in the enterprise or carrier networks. The upgrades in IP Telephony Manager also include better reporting so users can identify trends and any potential problems before end users are affected.

Cypress Communications Launches Disaster Recovery Solution

Cypress Communications rolled out C4 IP Communications, a managed voice, data and Internet solution that enables users to conduct business as usual in the face of any disaster. C4s Web portal and remote access tools enable customers to run their businesses from a hotel or any other temporary location that has access to a broadband connection. With a click of a mouse, users can use a cell phone or temporary office phone as their business phone without their clients ever knowing the difference.Co-workers who are scattered among various physical locations can easily collaborate in the same virtual room with audio and Web conferencing tools, IM and other presence notification features.

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