What’s New? New Products and Services for the Channel

Siemens Launches Dedicated Unified Communications Appliance
Siemens Enterprise Communications launched the HiPath OpenOffice ME, an IP-based, unified communications toolset designed specifically for enterprises of 20-150 users. Features include intuitive presence-aware management and drag-and-drop conferencing. The system has been engineered to be installed in just a few hours, with no additional devices, applications or accessories for channel partners to stock, purchase and install, the company said. The HiPath OpenOffice ME platform will be available in the United States in February.

Telarus Releases Ethernet Search Tool

Master agency Telarus announced an XML plug-in version of its Ethernet search tool for use by its agents. The addition of the Ethernet search tool to the existing GeoQuote plug-in allows agents the ability to attract and process leads using their own Web sites in addition to the main Telarus Ethernet marketing portal, All leads captured by the XML plug-in are saved in Telarus main database and made available to the agent via the Telarus agent back office. The new Ethernet research tool created by Telarus was first made available to the public in August through the marketing portal Web site.

Qwest Introduces OneFlex Smart Connect
Qwest Communications International Inc. has added Qwest OneFlex Smart Connect to its lineup of hosted VoIP solutions for business customers. The solution is available through the Qwest Business Partner Program. Qwest Smart Connect provides voice and data access for six to 48 employees per location. For one bundle price, Smart Connect includes the T1 local loop, router and Internet port, and front-office equipment, including console and handsets. Smart Connect is a fully managed communications solution, so Qwest provides the technical expertise, security firewalls, and hosted VoIP network. Smart Connect offers Outlook integration, hunt groups, pick-up groups, find me/follow me service, online trouble ticketing and administrative control for employee moves, adds and changes.

U4EA Expands Multiservice Business Gateway

U4EA Technologies Inc. has expanded its multiservice business gateway (MSBG) line with the release of the U4EA Fusion 200 and Fusion 400 series, which deliver full unified communications support, including voice, video and data. These all-in-one integrated IP communications devices eliminate the need for separate router, firewall, NAT, Ethernet switch, SIP session controller and security products. The Fusion 200 series consists of small form-factor devices, while the 400 series is made up of enterprise-grade, rack-mountable devices. Options include Ethernet, DSL and T1/E1, as well as the use of external cable modems. The Fusion 420 provides a fully integrated T1/E1 WAN.

Intelliverse Unveils Standalone Unified Communications Solution

Intelliverse announced its standalone unified communications (UC) solution, callEverywhere ONEcall. The company decided to unbundle the UC features from its hosted PBX product because it found a lot of users were not ready to completely switch their phone services over to VoIP, but they could benefit from the standalone services. The callEverywhere ONEcall service line is comprised of four levels of unique service offerings including messaging, voice/fax to e-mail, One Number, and a combination of all three in Intelliverses UC offering. The ONEcall messaging service lets a user create a network, which allows him or her to send and receive messages within that group, whether it is a single person or a large distribution list. Another feature of the ONEcall service is voice/fax to e-mail, which allows the user to turn an existing e-mail account into a unified mailbox by collecting both faxes and voice mails and placing them in the users original e-mail. The last ONEcall service is One Number, which is a find me/follow me locator service that calls up to six numbers when a caller tries to connect, ultimately letting the recipient choose whether to answer the call.

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