Ways Tech, Channel Can Do More to Include Women and Racial Minorities


Business Diversity

… diversifying their recruiting channels. Tech companies also remain too limited in schools they recruit from and must start to target schools based on representation, not just reputation.

Second, when there is a lack of equity and diversity in the recruiting process, this often signals to underrepresented candidates that perhaps they are not welcomed. Conversely, the lack of equality in recruiting staff often leads to high levels of unconscious bias throughout the assessment and selection process.

Finally, representation of diverse talent decreases at every career step. The underrepresentation of diverse talent at higher career levels sends a message to more junior levels and puts a drag on the internal succession pipeline when it comes to diverse talent.

CP: What will it take for tech to better reflect the composition of the United States (in terms of women and minorities), and the world, at large?

BP: Tech companies must diversify their recruiting channels, improve the employee value proposition for women and underrepresented groups, and start by diversifying their senior management staff. Finally, they must break out of their location bubbles. For example, we know that percentages of women in the tech sector vary by city, so organizations must be willing to take advantages of locations that have more representative pools.

CP: What are some key ways channel partners can diversify their workforces over the next year, five years and into the long-term future? 


  • Define diversity objectives
  • Re-evaluate your hiring process, including:
    • Ensuring diversity among your selection team.
    • Removing demographic identifiers to level the playing field.
    • Adjusting sourcing channels to optimize talent supply.
  • Establish an employee value proposition that works equitably for groups.
  • Address diversity debt by sourcing talent from different regions and offer relocation assistance.
  • Partner long-term with communities to overcome the digital divide that places a drag on the STEM pipeline.
  • Reward inclusion and survey employees for feedback for opportunities for improvement.

CP: STEM outreach and education play a big role in tech’s ability to be diverse. What guidance can you offer to MSPs, VARs, etc., who are keen to encourage more young women and minorities from all kinds of backgrounds and help turn them into the tech workforce of the future?

BP: Overcoming the disparity of underrepresented groups in tech starts with early investment in addressing the limitations that disproportionately impact these groups. Now is an opportunity to become a brand of choice early by establishing community partnerships to provide access to technology, education and recruitment opportunities. Tech companies must think of young people as their customers first, if they are truly to fill the STEM pipeline for the future.

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