UC Roundup: Unprecedented UCaaS Explosion, Vonage, Wildix


UC Roundup

… the partner community to assist them with solutions to help them keep their businesses up and running. The Vonage solutions that enable a remote workforce can help our partners assist enterprises with applications that can be quickly implemented to keep their workforce productive and engaged.

CP: What is Vonage hearing from its partners in terms of their customers’ needs during the pandemic?

MD: The immediate need partners are hearing from customers is how to move to a remote workforce environment quickly. Many enterprise organizations do not have the infrastructure set up. The partner community is being tasked with not only bringing the solutions to the customer quickly, but to assist in the implementation. There are also many organizations that had the technology, but not the processes to quickly implement remote work on a large scale. Many of these organizations are turning to the partner community to support these transitions, and we’re here to support our partners and end customers.

CP: Is security addressed in these new solutions? If so, how?

MD: Given the large-scale remote work situation globally, there is a heightened concern around security in the industry. For these new offerings, it is also important to balance ease of use while providing practical security protection. These offerings will also be regularly tested and monitored for security in line with the industry’s best security practices.

CP: Is part of the goal with these new solutions to establish long-term relationships with customers?

MD: We are working with our customers and partners during these challenging times to not only provide guidance on how they can quickly and easily set up their remote workforce to ensure business continuity remains strong, but to also help them adjust to how business is changing. By helping them to best leverage their Vonage service, our hope is that they will be ready for their office to be anywhere.

Wildix Answers Call for Remote Workspaces

Wildix is offering six months of free chat and video conferencing in response to the pandemic.

Wildix’s Smart Working package lets users begin working from home immediately with no software installation or on-site technicians required. The platform configures itself to enable smart working from a living room or home office.

This solution will give users access to all of the features of Wildix Collaboration (audio/visual call, chat, conferencing, screen sharing and file transfer, etc.), plus videoconferencing.

Wildix's Steve Osler

Wildix’s Steve Osler

“Employers and companies have an obligation to protect their workers’ health at all times, but all the more so during this dramatic period for global health,” said Steve Osler, Wildix‘s CEO. “At Wildix, we are all working from home – smart working – thanks to our solution. I invite all workers who can perform their roles from home to start doing so immediately, without waiting even one day. To do this, we need browser-based technology that is easy to use, quick to activate and works on users’ personal devices.”

Additionally, its Vision and Supervision phones work through a simple Wi-Fi connection. With Vision, users can receive audio and video directly on their phones from another Vision, from a PC or even a video door phone. SuperVision uses an Android-based operating system and is equipped with an eight-inch display and a removable webcam. It also allows managers to monitor the company’s telephone activity.

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