UC Roundup: UCaaS Providers in ‘Next Stage’ of COVID-19 Surge


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… work-from-home policies (38%), travel limitations (23%) and reduced event attendance (16%).”

Rick Beckers is CEO of XaaS1. He said opportunities for UCaaS providers “shot through the roof” because everyone realized they needed some level of it.

CloudTech1's Rick Beckers

XaaS1’s Rick Beckers

“Some prospects are thinking about forklift upgrades to UCaaS from on-premises,” he said. “Some will be thinking about hybrid or temporary UCaaS to give them the work-from-home capabilities that they need, but plan to go back to on-premise at the end of the pandemic. All businesses are at least looking at UCaaS, even if it’s in order to have a pandemic work-from-home contingency plan that is going to become a component of most companies risk management analysis process. This is true for all technology-as-a-service solutions that solve the remote worker need. The demand is still very high.”

How UCaaS providers have fared depends on if they embraced the technology-as-a-service UCaaS solutions prior to the pandemic, Beckers said.

“If you were hanging on to the on-premises solution as your core competency, good luck,” he said. “XaaS1 is a ‘born-in-the-cloud’ digital distributor that has been preaching the virtualized world of tech solutions for years. So, while we are horrified by the toll on humanity brought about by the pandemic, we benefited by the escalation of this need forced upon everyone by the mandatory work-from-home orders.”

The virtualized technology-as-a-service world is here to stay regardless of when businesses reopen, Beckers said.

“The benefits outweigh the drawbacks by so much that it’s too compelling for business leaders to not adapt it. I think the adaptation will be faster than anything you’ve ever seen. It’s expanding into industries like telemedicine, which is creating new opportunities for channel partners. Our phone is ringing off the hook,” he said.

Broadvoice Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Broadvoice‘s b-hive UCaaS platform now integrates with the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub in Office 365.

Microsoft AppSource is offering Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams. It allows businesses to access b-hive’s enterprise-class communications functions natively from the Teams application on any computer or mobile device.

Rebecca Rosen is Broadvoice’s vice president of marketing. She said Broadvoice has its own proprietary Communicator platform to move from messaging to collaboration.

Broadvoice's Rebecca Rosen

Broadvoice’s Rebecca Rosen

“Yet many businesses are looking to get more features into the collaboration tools they already are using,” she said. “With the Teams integration, partners have another tool to make it even easier for businesses to extend advanced calling features into their Microsoft Teams environment. New partner opportunities lie within companies that have needed to push to remote work, solved the collaboration with Teams, but lost their traditional advanced office calling capabilities with their PBX housed at the corporate office.”

Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams is an add-on to any b-hive cloud PBX seat. Broadvoice b-hive and Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

In addition, they are backed by …

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