UC Roundup: Expect Strong Demand for UCaaS in 2021


… part of its Ooma Office Pro business phone service.

Users can manage and join video meetings through the existing Ooma Office desktop app. It turns any computer into a desk phone, also known as softphone. Ooma Meetings should also be available soon through a mobile client for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

With Ooma Meetings, multiple users can share their screens simultaneously. Participants can click on the shared screen of their choice to view it in the main window.

For many users, Ooma Meetings requires no software installation. On desktop and laptop computers, video meetings can run directly inside Chrome, Safari or Edge browsers.

In addition, users who aren’t near a computer have the option to dial into meetings by phone.

Ooma's David Beagle

Ooma’s David Beagle

Dave Beagle is senior director of business channel sales at Ooma.

“Ooma Office Pro is now a complete communications platform for SMBs, with all the phone and collaboration features they need,” he said. “Partners can provide their clients with features that include virtual assistant, ring groups, call recording, soft phones, video meetings and more.”

SMBs seeking video conferencing typically had to get an additional monthly subscription such as Zoom, Beagle said. Or they had to switch to a VoIP service that is designed for larger businesses.

“Ooma Office Pro fills this gap by offering video conferencing at an affordable price within a platform that’s easy to configure and manage,” he said.

Broadvoice Bubble Debuts

Broadvoice this week launched Broadvoice Bubble, a new text messaging and marketing platform. It allows businesses to connect with their customers with text messages delivered automatically to their smartphones.

Broadvoice Bubble gives businesses a faster way to engage and interact with their customers on their mobile devices. The platform is ideal for alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, customer support, delivery tracking, market campaigns and more.

Broadvoice's Erik Drumm

Broadvoice’s Erik Drumm

Erik Drumm is product marketing manager for Broadvoice.

“Fifty percent of consumers would prefer to text the businesses they work with,” he said. “And 94% of businesses currently using text messaging in their organization would recommend it to colleagues. This means huge opportunity for partners that currently sell Broadvoice UCaaS or SIP trunking services to now sell Bubble to fit that customer need.”

For partners with customers that already use Broadvoice for voice communications, Bubble is an easy upsell opportunity, Drumm said. Partners can also sell Bubble to customers contracted with another provider.

Text messages have, on average, a 98% open rate, a 95% read rate, a 75% engagement rate and a 45% response rate, Broadvoice said. This is a big improvement over phone or email for communications or marketing.

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