UC Roundup: Expect Strong Demand for UCaaS in 2021


… balancing of the intensity of using video. It was cool when we started like that, but the novelty kind of wears off after a while.”

The shift to remote work doesn’t mean the meeting room is gone, Castanon said. On the contrary, it will require that organizations rethink their technology to effectively support the hybrid workplace. That includes in-person and remote participants.

“I also think that mobility will be very relevant,” he said. “While some UcaaS vendors are good at mobile-first, for many it has been more of an afterthought. The post-pandemic workplace will require UCaaS solutions that are optimized for mobile devices.”

Security will be another factor in the spotlight in 2021, Castanon said. Organizations will evaluate the capacity that their collaboration technologies have to support privacy, security and compliance requirements.

“We will see more vendors looking to support end-to-end encrypted communications, for example,” he said.

Arnold also expects more use of AI applications to better manage productivity remotely. Many tasks can be managed by AI, improving collaboration.

In addition, the ability to federate across platforms like Teams and Webex is becoming increasingly important, Arnold said.

“It’s especially needed on the messaging front,” he said. “If we’re on different platforms, we can’t message each other, for example. I know Slack has gone down this road and others have as well. I think you’re going to see more need to federate these platforms so it’s easier to share information. A lot of the vendors want you to do everything on their platform. Well, it doesn’t work that way.”

Net2phone Ramps Up International Expansion

Net2phone has launched its cloud communications solution nationwide in Peru and is expanding to six new cities in Brazil.

The company now provides its cloud communication service in four countries in South America: Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. It launched its hosted PBX service in Brazil in 2016.

Service in six additional Brazilian cities – Recife, Fortaleza, Manaus, Brasília, Salvador and Florianópolis – will be fully operational by year’s end.

Businesses, enterprises and other organizations can sign up for Net2phone’s cloud communications service in Peru and Brazil through channel partners and distributors in both countries.

Net2Phone's Jonah Fink

Net2Phone’s Jonah Fink

Jonah Fink is Net2phone‘s president.

“Net2phone is in a continuous state of growth and international expansion is a large part of our growth strategy,” he said. “With ‘feet on the street’ and a local offer already in several South American countries, increasing our coverage in Brazil and expanding to Peru will accelerate our growth in South America.”

Net2phone partners who offer services, or plan to offer services, in these countries can grow with the company, Fink said.

“The stability of the Net2phone platform and the quality of our solution, along with it’s enhanced features and capabilities are a breath of fresh air to these markets who need an advanced UC system for their businesses to succeed in today’s environment,” he said.

Many UCaaS providers in the United States don’t have international operations or a true presence in countries abroad, Fink said.

“Net2phone is the leading global provider for international voice, and offers solutions and services in over 170 countries,” he said. “Currently, no other provider can match net2phone’s global footprint.”

Ooma Adds Video Meetings to Ooma Office Pro

Ooma this week unveiled Ooma Meetings, a video conferencing and collaboration platform that is …

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