UC Roundup: Avaya Cloud UC and CC, Poly and Telinta


UC Roundup

… web-based softphones via a variety of devices, he said.

“Because the solutions are white-label, it opens up new ways to serve resellers who want to build their own brand,” he said. “If you focus on geographic or ethnic target markets (something quite common in the VoIP world) you can have separate brands, multilanguage portals and even multiple currencies to target your users. For example, companies focusing on Latin American users can have one brand in Portuguese for Brazilians, and another in Spanish for Argentina, Mexico or anywhere they choose.”

In addition to VoIP calling, Telinta’s platform allows service providers, their resellers and partners to also provide mobile top-up services. That allows service providers to sell prepaid airtime (cellular credit) for mobile phones in more than 150 countries served by more than 500 mobile operators.

Telinta’s Mobile Top-Up is brandable, and it can support an unlimited number of resellers, distributors, retailers and agents.

Telinta recently integrated Ding ‘s mobile top-up service into its platform via API. Since many of the same service providers and end users who are interested in VoIP calling are also interested in prepaid cellular, Telinta said the solution is the perfect complement.

An end user can go into a retail location to purchase prepaid cellular credits, for example, for a relative living in another country.  The retailer uses Telinta’s brandable portal to process the transaction via Ding’s global coverage. The Telinta customer can serve the retailer directly or via resellers. Resellers also have brandable portals and can make payments to the Telinta customer via credit/debit cards using and PayPal.

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