UC Roundup: Avaya Cloud UC and CC, Poly and Telinta


UC Roundup

… current voice-only product, and then by the end of this calendar year we’ll also have a full ominchannel array, so that way we can execute on that multiexperience vision that we demonstrated at Engage by having all of the channels flowing into this one CCaaS, but then also pairing it with our CPaaS product and our [professional] services organization to deliver real value across the entirety of the stack. That is going to be extremely unique for us.

CP: Will there be big partner opportunities from that?

SF: Absolutely. Digital transformation is not a technology and most digital-transformation initiatives that customers fail is because they see it as a technology buy, and in reality, it’s a different mindset. It’s a consulting practice first, because you’ve got to look at your business process and how you make transactional things simpler and empower your customers to do that, but also have this realization that there’s still a lot of stuff that’s going to be complicated that the consumer doesn’t want to deal with. That means a call in to the contact center and how you do that in a way that’s efficient so you’re handing your customers without making them … jump through interactive voice response (IVRs) and wait forever in queue, but also how you empower the agents so they’re not forcing a smile onto their face after every bad interaction, to take it to their next interaction and dreading their workday. That’s really where our partners can add a ton of value because they can be that consultative arm in conjunction with what we do with professional services to help our customers understand the changes that need to happen to their business and then where the technology comes behind that to empower those changes. Our partners are second to none in helping our customers understand the different things they can hit, what the low-hanging fruit is to start with, and then creating that three-to five-year road map of this is, what we’re going to do, and this is where we’re going to get you, and then the technology comes behind it.

CP: Let’s flash-forward to Avaya Engage 2021. What are we likely to see with all of that in place?

SF: It’s going to be a continuing clarity. If you think back over where we’ve been over the last couple of years, I was on stage at Engage in New Orleans in 2018 where we first demonstrated the speech analytics product we acquired when we bought Spoken, and last year we talked about the paths to cloud and some of the work that we were doing with partners like Afiniti. So this is just a continuing story, the next chapter on what we’re changing from on-prem to cloud, and next year will be the grand chapter, the big reveal of all of that work that went into that.

Poly Unveils Cloud-Based Management Service

At this week’s Integrated Systems Europe, Poly is unveiling a new cloud-based management service that will provide insights in the adoption and usage of its devices and meeting rooms. This offering is designed to help businesses better understand collaboration and become more strategic with their tools and resources.

Poly Lens combines management and updating tools with insight into how Poly devices are actually being used to offer more control and simplicity to IT departments, according to the company.

Beau Wilder, Poly‘s vice president of innovation waves and new products, tells us Poly Lens creates an additional opportunity for partners to …

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