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UC Roundup

… personalized experiences that feel human. If I receive a text from my friend and then pick up the phone to call, I assume that the conversation won’t skip a beat. The question then becomes, why should my communication with, say, my phone provider be any different? Contact centers have been slow to evolve to meet these expectations and struggle to provide seamless, personalized communications across all the digital channels we find consumers today. It’s definitely time for contact centers to catch up because consumers sure aren’t slowing down.

CP: What is it that contact center providers aren’t providing their customers?

BL: Consumers want personalization. If you’ve been paying attention to TV spots recently you may have noticed a major push by Discover to bring humanization to their contact centers. Each ad features a consumer calling the Discover service center to ask a question. What’s unique about the ad series is not the products they’re providing but the representation of consumer and agent. They’re the same person. It’s a reflection of the expectations consumers have when it comes to their brand interactions. Contact centers continue to miss the mark when it comes to delivering personalized experiences for their customers.

CP: How can predictive analytics help improve the contact center experience? Can you give some examples?

BL: Predictive analytics uses current and past information to help agents anticipate potential outcomes and have more informed conversations, ultimately providing a personalized experience for the consumer. With predictive analytics, contact centers can pair customers with agents that are the most capable of addressing their needs. Using data points like customer history, satisfaction, preferences and the like, contact center platforms have been able to support the agent by crafting tailored messages that go beyond simply knowing the caller’s name.

CP: Is CX increasingly becoming a competitive advantage? If so, how?

BL: Today, great customer experience is expected. While I do agree that customer experience is a competitive advantage today, it won’t be for long. We’re on the brink of personalized CX being table stakes for a consumer to consider your brand. According to State of the Connected Customer, a research study completed by Salesforce, 67% of respondents have switched vendors for a more consumer-like experience. Delivering an excellent customer experience will become mandatory for brands that simply want to stay in the game.

Windstream Enterprise Rolls Out UC Integration for Slack

Windstream Enterprise‘s OfficeSuite UC and HD meeting applications now integrate with Slack, the business messaging and collaboration platform.

Austin Herrington, Windstream Enterprise’s vice president of product management, tells us the Slack integration provides partners with “yet another compelling reason to …

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  1. Avatar Peter Radizeski July 24, 2019 @ 10:19 am

    8×8 is just playing catch-up with this purchase (which was a steal actually). Vonage, 8×8, RingCentral, and Nextiva are all platform providers at this point. They are thinking ecosystem. Get people on the platform any way they can. The platforms contain CRM, UC, Contact Center, SIP trunking, CPaaS, AI and analytics. It is a package of stuff – none of it best of breed but good enough for some businesses. And with an expected upside of being sticky and able to increase ARPU.

    CPaaS is more utility than UCaaS that’s why providers like Intelepeer (a huge SIP trunk shop), Bandwidth (a large DID house) and VoIP Innovations have all rolled out a CPaaS platform in the last year with AI, chatbots, etc. Some might say it was modeled after kandy.

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