UC Roundup: 8×8-Webcell, TetraVX, Windstream Enterprise, Poly


UC Roundup

… how Wavecell gives 8×8 the “triple-play package” that most cloud providers are going to market with now: CPaaS, CCaaS and UCaaS. That’s a really strong lineup to address the full gamut for both customer experience (CX) and employee engagement — two things that are now very strategic for end customers, he said.

“The second vector is about their path taken to CPaaS,” he said. “8×8 differentiates on the basis of developing their technology and platforms internally. Just a few weeks ago, they announced their homegrown contact center entry, giving them an in-house double-play with UC. Perhaps it’s fair to say that CPaaS is simply moving too quickly and 8×8 didn’t have the luxury of building that internally along with contact center. Being Asian, Wavecell may not have been on too many people’s radar in the United States and, if so, kudos to 8×8 for taking a global view to find the right fit for CPaaS. At least by acquiring Wavecell, 8×8 can now say they fully own all these big pieces, making this a more holistic approach, and next-best thing than by partnering with a third party for CPaaS.”

There’s been a surge in M&A activity with CPaaS-related deals in the last two years, and Castanon-Martinez believes this signals a shift from siloed, “one-size-fits-all’ solutions (UCaaS and CCaaS) and highlights the growing relevance of communications-enabled workflows for customer and employee interactions.

“I expect this trend will continue to drive further consolidation, with vendors looking to accelerate growth and expand their offerings by providing flexibility in the delivery of cloud communications services,” he said.

Predictive Analytics Key to Optimum Contact Center Experience

All six drivers of an effective contact center experience slipped in satisfaction from last year, according to CFI Group’s latest Contact Center Satisfaction Index.

The six drivers are: agent demeanor, agent communication, agent knowledge, agent effectiveness, agent empowerment and interactive voice response (IVR) system.

CFI Group said contact center managers should consider three areas to improve the overall customer experience:

  • Allow agents to solve customer problems. Those who reach an agent directly are 27% more satisfied than those who first reach an IVR.
  • Design better IVR flow to reach live agents, as 44% reach some version of IVR when they call customer service.
  • Make chat available for mobile devices, as 48% of those who try the company website before customer service visit with a mobile device.

TetraVX, a cloud unified communications and collaboration (UCC) company, said with customer loyalty and revenue on the line, contact centers need to quickly improve the experience they deliver to customers – achievable via predictive analytics. TetraVX works with VARs, master agents and wholesale partners.

TetraVX's Becky Linahon

TetraVX’s Becky Linahon

We spoke with Becky Linahon, TetraVX’s marketing manager, to find out more about why contact centers are coming up short with customers.

Channel Partners: Is it surprising to hear that customer satisfaction with contact centers is down? If not, why?

Becky Linahom: It isn’t surprising at all. How consumers interact with brands has been evolving for some time now. In the mad men days, creative ads were enough to capture the minds of consumers. Well, we are far from those days, and modern consumers have been numb to the marketing ploys we once used for some time now. Now, modern consumers expect human-to-human experiences with brands, not only just before the purchase but the entire duration of the relationship. Because that’s what it’s become: a relationship between brand and consumer.

The contact center plays an integral part in managing that relationship. Consumers want …

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  1. Avatar Peter Radizeski July 24, 2019 @ 10:19 am

    8×8 is just playing catch-up with this purchase (which was a steal actually). Vonage, 8×8, RingCentral, and Nextiva are all platform providers at this point. They are thinking ecosystem. Get people on the platform any way they can. The platforms contain CRM, UC, Contact Center, SIP trunking, CPaaS, AI and analytics. It is a package of stuff – none of it best of breed but good enough for some businesses. And with an expected upside of being sticky and able to increase ARPU.

    CPaaS is more utility than UCaaS that’s why providers like Intelepeer (a huge SIP trunk shop), Bandwidth (a large DID house) and VoIP Innovations have all rolled out a CPaaS platform in the last year with AI, chatbots, etc. Some might say it was modeled after kandy.

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