Trianz Is MSP 501 Digital Innovator of the Year

Digital innovator

… managed services platform, Concierto, for deploying, orchestrating, monitoring and managing multicloud services.

“The client isn’t even buying software anymore,” Manchala said. “Either we buy the software, or we give them a platform and we manage it on that.”

The concept of “digital transformation” has become so all-encompassing that it’s almost impossible to pare down into something digestible and manageable, but through its IP development and process innovation, Trianz thinks it’s making real headway, and its evolution is by no means done. The company will soon unveil an entirely new business initiative designed to further its insights into organizational digital transformation initiatives.

As Manchala learned all those years ago, no battle can be fought twice, so Trianz brings every bit of expertise and innovative IP it has to bear for clients.  The company’s slogan and the promise it makes to customers is “Digital Evolution Simplified” — and it’s a promise Manchala is determined to keep.

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