Trading Desk – Con Edison Communications to Launch Collocation with LighTrade

Posted: 04/2001

Trading Desk

Con Edison Communications to Launch
Collocation with LighTrade
By Bruce Christian

LighTrade (, a
provider of neutral, fully automated bandwidth "pooling points," is
slated to become the first major tenant of Consolidated Edison Communications
Inc.’s (
collocation facility in Manhattan, N.Y.

The Con Edison facility, which will be located at 111 Eighth Ave., will house
equipment to connect telecommunications and Internet service providers with
larger networks, such as the one Con Edison is building.

The new collocation site will occupy 22,000 square feet. Along with
unencumbered access to LighTrade’s pooling points, which allow local and
long-haul carriers to switch bandwidth in minutes rather than months, the site
will offer services to broadband service providers, and secure and reliable
interconnections to Con Edison’s metropolitan fiber optic network and its
planned national and international networks.

Con Edison, a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison Inc. (,
began moving into the telecommunications space about 18 months ago, says Chris
Metaxas, the company’s vice president of sales and business development.

"We have a target of 40 buildings by July that will be lit in the
Manhattan marketplace," Metaxas says. "We will serve other carriers,
so we will be a carrier’s carrier."

The buildings will include telecom and commercial buildings, major PoPs and

"Each of the buildings will provide SONET services and will have DWDM
capabilities," Metaxas says, adding that by the end of the third quarter,
Con Edison wants to provide fast Ethernet service as well.

The new telecom company has ambitious plans, as it will target 19 cities in
the Northeast within the next couple of years. New York is the grand prize.

Con Edison chose LighTrade as a strategic partner because "they also are
a new player, so we are looking to help each other and grow our businesses.
Plus, LighTrade has a focused business model, and they don’t have a vested
interest in the trade or arbitrage."

Still, Metaxas says he would like to have alliances with other companies that
provide pooling points.

LighTrade’s president and CEO, Ted Pierson, adds, "Con Edison
Communications’ last-mile strategy–connecting telecommunications and Internet
service providers to hundreds of buildings in New York–will mean a great deal
to our future customers."

LighTrade provides real-time interconnection and QoS monitoring services for
the delivery of telecommunications capacity sold through any means.

The collocation facility will:

* Provide ISPs and other Internet-focused businesses with access services
more quickly and efficiently;

* Expand network reach for CLECs and other carriers;

* Offer facilities-based services with a minimal investment to
telecommunication service and value-added service providers; and

* Offer Con Edison’s partners secure cabinet space, climate-controlled
environment, an uninterrupted power supply with backup diesel generators and a
dry fire suppression system.

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