Trading Desk: Band-X Turns Up U.S. IP Exchange

Posted: 12/2000

Band-X Turns Up U.S. IP Exchange
By Khali Henderson

Six months after announcing its U.S. expansion in March, London-based Band-X
Ltd. ( launched in the United
States its Band-X Routed IP service, a facilities-based exchange for wholesale
and retail buyers and sellers of Internet connectivity and wide-area IP

The U.S. Band-X Routed hub will be housed in a neutral collocation facility
at 60 Hudson Street in New York. It is the third to go live, cutting over just
days after the Paris-based exchange. Band-X Routed debuted at the company’s hub
in London Telehouse. Since then, the company says the London-based exchange has
grown to offer 2gbps capacity, with new buyers contracting an average capacity
of 50mbps.

Additional Band-X Routed hubs are planned for France, Hong Kong, Ireland and
South Africa, according to a company spokesperson. No timeline was released,

"New York City has become the second largest hub for Internet traffic in
the world and is a natural starting point for our U.S. rollout," says James
Martino, COO of Band-X’s U.S. arm. "Our IP Routed exchange significantly
alters the marketplace in a manner which empowers buyers with critical
information and purchasing power while providing sellers with a tremendous new
distribution channel for their product, as well as the ability to anonymously
determine how their product stacks up against the competition."

Based on technology from Cisco Systems Inc. (,
Band-X Routed connects customers to their chosen service provider or providers
on the basis of price and QoS.

Standard applications are used to measure and report the average throughput,
latency and packet loss for each of the networks connected. This information is
collated from secure servers connected directly to the ISPs’ networks
continuously throughout the day, and displayed anonymously along with the
relevant prices on the Band-X Routed web page. Buyers view the services
available and submit their choices by e-mail to Band-X Routed.

New buyers are physically connected from their chosen access network into
Band-X Routed. With a Band-X Routed connection, customers can obtain a set of IP
addresses, which can then be routed through any of the connected IP service
providers, enabling them to change providers easily to meet their quality or
price requirements. Routing policies can be customized so that, for example,
different providers could be used for different applications, such as e-mail,
web or multimedia.

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