Trading Desk: Band-X Expands IP Access Points in New York

Posted: 1/2002

Trading Desk

Band-X Expands IP Access Points in New York

By Tara Seals and Khali Henderson

Moving with the market, Band-X Ltd. has added 10 access points for its IP Routed service in New York City — the newly-crowned Internet infrastructure capital of the world.

Band-X Routed, a Cisco Systems Inc.-powered platform, lets service providers buy IP transit from multiple providers via one interconnection point. The service also offers independent quality metrics, allowing buyers and sellers to better quantify what they are getting.

Band-X’s New York IP footprint expansion is a direct response to buyers’ demands, the company says.

TeleGeography Inc., an independent information subsidiary of Band-X, estimates in its new report, Packet Geography 2002, 71 percent of all Internet transit in the United States and 35 percent of the world’s international Internet transit comes through the New York tri-state area.

“It becomes simply a matter of business case,” says Elena Curtis, U.S. vice president of IP Routed. “It works out great in New York just because there is a tremendous concentration of collocenters here.”

IP transit buyers and sellers can connect to the Band-X facility at 60 Hudson St. via access points at 25 Broadway, 65 Broadway, 75 Broad St., 111 Eighth Ave., 601 W. 26th St., 395 Hudson St., 900 Third Ave. in Brooklyn, the 23rd floor of 60 Hudson St. and two sites in New Jersey.

“The reason we [expanded] is because it makes it much easier for customers in those hotels to connect to us,” says Curtis. “As word of mouth increases and we have been able to get customers up in a very quick timeframe, not only is that great in that it gives us more business, it also leads to an expectation [of quick provisioning].

“In order to meet those expectations, this seems to be an excellent way for us to access customers,” adds Curtis.

The company says access connections can be established in a matter of days. Interconnection becomes a question of a cross connect, rather than provisioning a new local loop.

“All we are limited to is the cross connect from the collo provider, and typically those are done very, very
quickly,” says Curtis. “And it’s also less expensive for

the customer.”

Band-X has operations in China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. It boasts an international membership of about 15,000 individuals.

Curtis says the company has expanded its London presence, but not to the same degree as in New York. Curtis also says build-out at additional PoPs will be considered based on demand and supply. “It’s based on the customers,” she says. “It’s based on what we can get for expansion in the area, how much coverage is there.”

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