TPx Nabs Spectrum Business Channel Chief in Big Move


… the strategy piece. I’ll be working with four or five of TPx’s largest master agents on the strategy side for sure. And then my goal is to … expand the legacy TelePacific presence and sales that our partners traditionally sold in Southern California, and then … work with them and focus on the rest of the country. They obviously have … subagents all over the country, so my focus is going to be on growing the business across the footprint, across the United States.

CP: How will this role differ from your role with Spectrum Business?

GI: There [are] definitely similarities. The partners are the same; we’re working with all the big masters we worked with over at Time Warner Cable. It’s very similar in the fact that I was in charge of managing all sales. Here, what I’m tasked to do is build relationships across the new TPx footprint and drive mindshare. Mindshare is really important here, and obviously with mindshare, sales helps. So that’s really my new responsibility, to focus on a handful of partners and to drive mindshare within those partners.

CP: Have you started gathering feedback from the master agents you’re going to be working with? If so, what are they telling you?

GI: It’s a little early; I’m just a few days into it. I can share that many of our masters have reached out to me already and just congratulated me on the new role … stating that you are with one of the most channel-friendly organizations in the business and it’s going to be a great opportunity to work with you again and grow sales across the United States as opposed to the limitation where it was mainly in the Southern California region.

CP: What are the biggest issues facing TPx and its channel, and what will be your role in addressing those?

GI: I wouldn’t use the word issues; I wouldn’t even use the word challenge, and the reason why is because Jim’s a well-known brand. He built the XO channel and he helped build the TWC channel, so he’s a well-known, seasoned vet and trusted leader in the industry, and you can say that about myself as well, so I don’t see challenges. What I do see is just a huge opportunity to take a regional CLEC now that’s rebranded to a managed service provider, and take that and expand it across the entire footprint. We’ve got 30-plus channel managers, we’ve got six directors across the country, and now it’s about blocking and tackling. We’ve got the people in place, we’ve got the support in place, and now it’s working with our partners to deliver and build mindshare and credibility, etc., and deliver services for them across the footprint.

CP: What is the message that you’re looking forward to sharing with partners in terms of opportunities to work more with TPx?

GI: It’s all about mindshare; it’s all about partnering together, roadshows, training sessions, participating in their events that they have where they bring in their partners and subagents, and building on that, and building relationships and building trust. So that’s really how I’m going to be spending a lot of my time, focusing on how we …

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