Top Gun 51 Profile: Nextiva’s Carl Katz Says to Talk Solutions, Not Price

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… people they trust will help them close their opportunities. The modern channel manager is a jack of all trades and needs to constantly hone their skills to keep up.

CP: What do you consider your biggest accomplishments in working with the channel?

CK: My biggest accomplishment in the channel is in my current position. Nextiva has given me the opportunity to move from channel manager to director to channel chief within four years. During that time, along with our outstanding team, I have helped grow the [Nextiva] channel into one of the most respected programs in our industry.

CP: What are your career goals going forward?

CK: I would like to stay at Nextiva in my current role and dominate the channel by changing the conversation from price to solutions. Challenging the partners to ask more questions so that they can create the best solutions to help customers gain a competitive edge in their industry is a game changer.

CP: What sort of advice would give someone who is just starting out in channel leadership?

CK: Be uber-responsive to your partners, team and organization. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to be unique. Differentiate yourself from all of the noise in our industry.

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