Top Gun 51 Profile: Cox Business’ John Muscarella on Ensuring the Agent Experience

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Cox Business and John Muscarella are grateful for their relationships with master agents.

John Muscarella

Cox Business’ John Muscarella

Muscarella told Channel Partners that the cableco has benefited from its four master agreements and is working to optimize the agent experience. He serves as senior director of sales and channel programs for Cox Business, having worked at the company since 2014.

Channel Partners earlier this year honored Muscarella as a member of its Top Gun 51 – a list of top channel executives in IT and telecom. A panel of analysts, masters and distributors picked the winners.

We asked Muscarella about his experience working with Cox and in the channel.

Channel Partners: What are your top highlights and achievements from leading Cox’s channel?

John Muscarella: Since Cox Business launched the Solution Provider Program, we’ve experienced a fantastic embrace from the agent community. Being aligned with the best master agents – Intelisys, Sandler Partners and Telarus – has proven to be the right approach to providing the best experience for all the business owners that were seeking to sell Cox Business products and services. The Top Gun recognition was an acknowledgement for the Cox Business indirect team and recognition for all the successful interactions that take place every day.

We recently unveiled our “Top Gun 51,” a list of today’s channel executives who deserve recognition for building and executing programs in a way that drives partner, customer and supplier success.

CP: How does Cox’s approach to the channel differ from the competition?

JM: Cox Business’ focus on ensuring the agent and customer’s experience is the best in the industry. We know that the agents have options, and we want to leave a positive impression that will bring the agent back again and again. [We] believe that Cox is unique in this space, since we ensure that before we take an order we know the serviceability status of the customer’s location. This provides a better customer experience as well as a better experience for the agent.

CP: How did you get into the channel?

JM: I initially started out on the hardware side of the channel with Toshiba. That’s where I learned the value and strength of the indirect sales channel. Eventually I made my way to Sprint and led the indirect channel for various product lines nationally. The experience at Sprint showed me how unique the solution providers were in this space and their influence with customers was unmatched. I’ve been with Cox Business for the past five years and could not have asked for better support from our leadership while we launched this channel.

CP: Do you have any advice for someone looking to make a career in channel leadership?

JM: Be a student to the industry. Participate and don’t just attend the conferences. Read the journals associated with the indirect channel. Network and engage. Speak with the other leaders in this channel and you’ll gain a lifetime of experience. Finally, the indirect channel is a small, vibrant and open community. The people you’ll meet will become lifelong colleagues, and if you’re fortunate like I have been, they will become friends as well.

CP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JM: Cox Business is on its way to greater things, and I’m excited to participate in the journey.

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