Top Gun 51 Profile: Cato Networks’ Nick Fan on Master Agent, Partner Relationship Success

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… people they like, know, trust. Only time in the field and building those relationships can really garner that type of type of relationship overall.

It doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just show up at something and expect to have something happen. I’ve been working in this channel for the better part of a decade now, and it’s evolved to the point where I can take everything that I’ve learned and everybody that I have a relationship with now and implement this strategy that’s been so successful here at Cato.

CP: Is there anything else you want to add?

NF: The growth has been has just been unbelievable. I work for this company based out of Tel Aviv. This is not a Silicon Valley startup by any means. This is a company with deep security roots, from the founders of Check Point, Imperva and Incapsula, which are very, very strong names in the security world. Our CEO built and brought to market the first-ever firewall, really pioneering the space. So having to explain this channel to a team of people who have never participated in it was was not an easy road. It didn’t happen overnight. It really was just proof and data points, and involving multiple parties in the process overall. Again, things do not happen overnight. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of — to be able to help build and contribute to Cato, which is experiencing this unbelievable growth. We’ve had triple-digit revenue growth year over year. It starts with the team we’ve built. I didn’t do this on my own. Hopefully that’s not what the takeaway was here. Hiring unbelievably talented people that are smarter than me is really the key to the success of the organization.

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