Think Differently to Beat the Skills Shortage

Skills shortage

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Talent – or lack of it – is the single biggest accelerant of or obstacle to growth.

Too often, however, you can’t find the right person with the right skill set at the right time for the right price because the talent pool is becoming alarmingly shallow. In fact, the 2016 State of the CIO survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents view this as an “existential threat” to their businesses.

Carousel's Tim Hebert

Carousel’s Tim Hebert

During the concurrent education session titled, “Beat The Skills Shortage By Thinking Differently,” at Channel Partners Evolution, Sept. 25-28 in Austin, Texas, Tim Hebert, Carousel Industries’ chief client officer, will explore ways to attract, engage and retain the talent to take your business to the next level.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Hebert gives a sneak peak of the information he plans to share with attendees.

Channel Partners: Has the ongoing skills shortage impacted Carousel? If so, how?

Tim Hebert: The simple answer is yes. Finding talent that possess the right combination of technical acumen, professional skills and character has been, and will continue to be, the single biggest inhibitor to our growth. Because Carousel has such a strong employer brand, getting people to respond to a job posting is not the problem; our problem is finding the right person with all the skills we need. It’s not uncommon to take three to six months or longer to fill key positions while interviewing hundreds of candidates. You have heard the old saying that “time is money.” And every day that goes by with a position that is unfilled is a loss of direct revenue and a missed opportunity for growth.

CP: What are some of the new ways of finding and attracting better talent?

TH: One of my favorite quotes comes from the 1992 movie, “Glengarry Glenn Ross”: “ABC. A, always. B, be. C, closing. Always Be Closing.” I think modern recruiting follows a similar philosophy of Always Be Recruiting.The days of waiting for an opening, going through the talent requisition approval process, developing a job description, creating a job posting and placing it on Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn or some other job site are long gone. Today, we need to constantly seek talent even though there’s no approved requisition.

By always recruiting, we are building a talent pipeline or a talent bench, so that when we need to hire someone, we are not starting from scratch. Depending on what your annual hiring needs are, your talent pipeline could have a few high-quality candidates to dozens. We recommend tools like LinkedIn to aid in our passive recruitment efforts and we leverage the strength of our network of employees, partners, clients and our professional network to locate passive candidates.

CP: What would be an example of thinking outside the box to attract and retain talent?

TH: This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many ways of thinking outside the box to attract and retain talent. So, let me narrow this down to two thoughts: Make it compelling and give it meaning.

When recruiting for key positions at Carousel, we focus on making the position as compelling as possible. I think we all would agree that …

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