The CP List: 20 Tech Channel Thought Leaders You Should Know


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Michael Suby

Frost & Sullivan's Michael Suby

Frost & Sullivan’s Michael Suby

Michael Suby, Stratecast vice president of research at Frost & Sullivan, is always focused on the bigger picture when it comes to M&A and cybersecurity. Earlier this year, he told us that demand is steadily growing for managed detection and response (MDR) and threat hunting.

“It’s that idea of, ‘Look, we know we are probably compromised in some way or we will be compromised in some way, but right now we don’t have either the technology, the know-how or the personnel to detect what’s going on, understand what’s going on and then take action,’ and then do all of that in a faster time frame than the attackers can run through the course of their exploits, which in many cases is exfiltrating data,” he said. “You’ve got to be on your toes 24/7.”

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