The CP List: 20 Tech Channel Thought Leaders You Should Know


Twenty, 20

Dave Sobel

SolarWinds MSP's Dave Sobel

SolarWinds MSP’s Dave Sobel

Dave Sobel, SolarWinds MSP’s director of MSP evangelism, is always focused on tomorrow, and said artificial intelligence (AI) is going to have the greatest impact on the channel in the next year.

“Systems continue to become more and more intelligent, offering insights that give humans the ability to make better decisions than ever before,” he said. “Just as we are seeing artificial intelligence (AI) drive successful outcomes in health care and in manufacturing, it will bring the ability for channel organizations to be more efficient with access to greater insights. One of AI’s promises is in bringing data insights that humans have difficulty getting on their own, particularly across very large data sets. With successful channel companies providing more and more business consulting and driving to business outcomes, these insights will be more and more impactful.”

Jeff Moss

Black Hat's Jeff Moss

Black Hat’s Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss, Black Hat founder and director, told attendees at this year’s conference that it feels like the industry is in the final exam stage to prove “if we’re as good as we say we are.” He also said the technology being developed is mostly offensive, while cybersecurity defense is becoming increasingly political.

Maybe 20 companies globally are in a position to do something about raising “security resiliency for all of us,” Moss said. It’s up to everyone else in cybersecurity to put pressure on those companies to get those features, he said.

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