The CP List: 20 Tech Channel Thought Leaders You Should Know


Twenty, 20

Barmak Meftah

Barmak Meftah, president of AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions and CEO of AlienVault, has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software. AT&T acquired AlienVault this summer.

AT&T's Bartak Meftah

AT&T’s Bartak Meftah

Under Meftah’s leadership since 2011, AlienVault has become one of the fastest growing security vendors in the industry with thousands of customers and partners around the world. Prior to AlienVault, he served as vice of HP’s enterprise security products. At HP he led the Fortify and SPI Dynamics business units after the successful acquisition of Fortify by HP in September 2010.

“The oscillation you’ll go through as an entrepreneur, the highs are extraordinary and the lows, I can’t even begin to tell you how low they are,” Meftah said in a GGV Capital Founder Real Talk podcast. “And your ability as an entrepreneur and a CEO [is] to be able to ride those highs, don’t get too excited when things are going great, and don’t get too dark and morose when things aren’t going too great.”

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