The CP List: 20 Tech Channel Thought Leaders You Should Know


Twenty, 20

When they speak, people stop and listen.

They’re the people who take a big-picture view when it comes to technology, where it’s heading and the impact it will have on the channel. They’re in telecom, cybersecurity, data management and storage, and other technologies.

Our list includes company executives, analysts, evangelists and strategists.

They all come from different backgrounds, but they’re united in their focus on the future of technology.

Scroll through our list of 20 top tech thought leaders to follow:

Dina Moskowitz

SaaSMax's Dina Moskowitz

SaaSMax’s Dina Moskowitz

Dina Moskowitz, CEO of SaaSMax, said from her seat at the table, “I can see that innovations are coming to the channel in the form of distribution and commerce platforms that make it easier, more operationally efficient and thus more profitable for channel partners to do business with providers of SaaS and cloud software.”

“That means channel partners can and will be able to partner with more and more innovative SaaS products, build better solution sets for their clients and add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) income streams to their own businesses,” she said. “According to calculations at SaaSMax, the overall impact will be that the channel has the opportunity to drive more than $50 billion in new SaaS revenues by 2024.”

Ansley Hoke

Ansley Hoke, vice president of merchandising at ScanSource Catalyst, said AI and IoT will play a big role in new product and solution offerings.

ScanSource Catalyst's Ansley Hoke

ScanSource Catalyst’s Ansley Hoke

“Manufacturing will likely further embrace IoT and become more sensor-driven in an effort to better manage inventory, decrease delays in product manufacturing, and improve response times in critical situations,” she said. “IoT-enabled devices on the network will grow exponentially, requiring more bandwidth, better reliability and greater connectivity. This move toward IoT will lead to a stronger push for 5G connectivity from service providers.”

As for AI, it will become an important factor in analyzing big data in order to identify market trends, predict equipment and system failures, and automate simple human tasks, Hoke said.

“AI devices will become more common, assisting users in homes, cars and in the office,” she said. “There is great opportunity for the channel to embrace IoT and AI, and become well-versed on how these technologies can help their customers improve their business processes.”

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