The CP List: 20 IoT Solution Providers You Should Know


Twenty, 20

Digi logoDigi

Digi provides business and mission-critical IoT connectivity products and services, and has helped its customers connect more than 100 million things. A single Digi router will provide a consolidated communications link for multiple applications, from fare collection, security video, computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location, to on-board high-speed Wi-Fi, and digital signage and advertising.

Google logoGoogle

Google, which Reynolds cites as a successful provider, was identified as a key player in the global IoT managed services market by Persistence Market Research.

“Every IoT device is a point of entry for a threat,” Reynolds said. “A cutting-edge provider will have the necessary tools, in addition to their platform, to successfully mitigate any risk involved with each of those points. Their security approach must be adaptable as well, considering the ever-changing landscape of hazards out there today. The provider should offer a user-friendly interface for security in order to monitor, spot and counter all threats rapidly, as well as access and manage all IoT devices and applications.” 

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