The CP List: 20 IoT Solution Providers You Should Know


Twenty, 20

Cloudera logoCloudera

In September, Cloudera announced the launch of an end-to-end, open source IoT architecture in collaboration with Red Hat and Eurotech. The architecture is designed to provide the foundational components that organizations need to roll out new IoT use cases.

“A successful, cutting-edge IoT solution provider realizes that the enterprise market is early is realizing the full power of IoT,” Jordan said. “A key to IoT success is working with a vendor that has built a solid platform, which can accommodate additional functionality and support that enterprise in its growth.”

Dell logoDell

Reynolds cited Dell as a successful player in IoT. In August, Dell Technologies announced new solutions and bundles aimed at simplifying edge computing and IoT deployment. Also, IoT Connected Bundles makes available sensors and licensed software from partners tailored for specific customer use cases.

“Enterprises will [need] three things from IoT solutions,” Jordan said. “They are integration into existing environments, reliability with redundancy in the event of failure, and a way to harness the value of data being produced while keeping the use and cost of bandwidth in check.”

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