The CP List: 20 IoT Solution Providers You Should Know


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Reynolds cited AT&T as a successful, cutting-edge provider. AT&T and Swedish IT and engineering company Prevas are partnering to fast-track IoT and connected services for global industries and vertical markets. The three-year deal will see AT&T’s IoT products combined with Prevas’ industrial design and engineering experience.

“Our team relies on AT&T IoT solutions,” said Michael Jordon, Clarify360’s vice president of national accounts. “AT&T has done a great job of integrating networks, platforms, professional services and asset management.  Additionally they’ve built distinct focus areas for certain verticals like transportation and health care.”


Reynolds also cited AWS as a successful provider. AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.

“The IoT solution must be a ‘complete cradle to grave’ solution that not only focuses on instruments/hubs, but also a solid focus on the integration with any and all applications the customer may have,” he said. “The only way IoT solutions are helpful to business problems is if the overall solution improves process, and applications are at the center of those processes. Forgetting them in an IoT integration is like baking a cake without flour.”

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