The CP List: 20 Ethernet Service Providers You Should Know



CenturyLink is likely to maintain its dominance on the leaderboard benchmark, Dunne said.

CenturyLink logo“Unless you saw a significant merger, my prediction is that at midyear when we publish this market share again, we probably won’t see any shifts,” she said. “Without an acquisition, and it would have to happen super fast, that means one of those providers there would have to significantly increase their sales to overtake the next one.”


Cogent logoListed on the leaderboard challenge tier, Cogent has always been a “very interesting” Ethernet provider, Dunne said. Since the beginning, they have had a “very defined strategy and they haven’t wavered from it,” she said.

“That strategy is, ‘We’ll sell on-net connectivity only,'” she said. “They publish their list of buildings and their pricing, and it’s very clear whether you can buy from them or you can’t. They’re not partnering, they’re not going out of region; that’s how they’ve done business. And they’ve done a very good job with that.”

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