The CP List: 20 Ethernet Service Providers You Should Know



Centracom logoOne example of a successful, innovative Ethernet service provider is CentraCom, a small company based in Utah, Oborn said. Like most Ethernet providers, it’s a combination of several companies that have combined networks to achieve scale, and so it would be “easy to remain fragmented and hard to work with,” he said.

“CentraCom is different; they took the time and went through the expense of carefully documenting their combined network, fiber routes and fiber endpoints so that quoting them now takes just minutes,” he said. “They’ve loaded their entire inventory into the Telarus fiber mapping system, so all of our partners can see their assets, in real-time, right on their phones via the partner app. Once a price is requested from a partner, CentraCom’s main channel manager, Carl Cornista, can usually analyze the situation and get back with a price in a matter of minutes. What’s more, they can also call for same-day turn-ups if the schedule and situation permit, due to their flexibility and willingness to make the customer, and the agent, happy.”

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