The CP List: 20 Top Enterprise Telephony Providers You Should Know


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8x8 logo8×8

Hart has been “very impressed” with what 8X8 has been doing with its Virtual Office solution. Dzubay also ranks it among the most successful providers.

“The fact that they also have made the effort to get certifications around (the) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) [security standards] speaks to their commitment to the enterprise customers and vertical markets,” Hart said.

Avaya logo Avaya

Brandenburg said he is “impressed” with Avaya‘s “hybrid strategy.” Avaya has more than 26 million IP Office lines installed globally.

“For me, the most effective solutions out there are the ones that bring the most flexibility to their customers,” he said. “While the hype cycle suggests that all telephony will be in the cloud (UCaaS), the reality is that most businesses simply cannot flip a switch and move to the cloud. Hybrid offerings that allow customers to keep one foot on-premise[s] and transition to the cloud at their own pace, or in cases never fully move, have the right strategy, in my view.”

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