The CP List: 20 Top Enterprise Telephony Providers You Should Know


Twenty, 20

Vonage logoVonage

McNeese cited Vonage as a successful provider. Also, Michael Brandenburg, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said on the service-provider side, Vonage is fully taking advantage of its Nexmo acquisition to deliver CPaaS and API integration.

The biggest challenge for providers is speed,” he said. “The lead times to develop and deploy services to customers is shrinking. Competition is coming from providers that operate over the top and at ‘web speed,’ i.e. immediate provisioning of communications services, and customers (even large enterprises) are coming to expect that from all of their providers.”

Five9 logoFive9

Dzubay cited Five9 among the most successful solution providers. Earlier this year, the provider was selected by a national food service delivery company to serve as the foundation for its contact center of 600 agents. Five9 completed the installation in multiple U.S. and European locations in one week from the date of purchase.

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