The CP List: 20 CPaaS Providers You Should Know


Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications logoBrandenburg said Ribbon Communications is enabling service providers of all types.

There’s a pretty clear set of use cases today for developers and startups of why you would go with a CPaaS, and I think those are firming up in terms of the enterprise,” he said. “At the same time, the blessing of it is CPaaS can be you can do anything you want to do with an API [in] a CPaaS platform. It’s up to the enterprise to figure out exactly what they need.”

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  1. Avatar Peter Radizeski November 20, 2019 @ 12:42 pm

    this slide deck could have been more than ads and page views. It could have been a chance to show what CPaaS can do for customers – and thus why partners would want to keep this in mind. It isn’t just for powering Uber & Lyft. It adds functionality to SIP trunks via messaging, SMS and integrations to other apps and data. The CPaaS vendors going vertical are the smartest. Businesses don’t want to hire devops in order to leverage CPaaS, they want to go to a marketplace like nexmo, kandy or Intelepeer and buy then download a pre-packaged, ready to use chatbot et al.

    I understand page views and having to publish X times a day, but you could have educated or just listed the 20 on 2 slides since there wasn’t much detail in what they do or how they are positioned.

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