The CP List: 20 Challenges, Tips for Channel Success in 2019


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Tip: Target Emerging Tech

Start to look for early opportunities in emerging technology, McBain said.

“Huge numbers of partners are joining the robotic process automation (RPA) industry and taking advantage of automation in a low-code/no-code environment that drives tremendous value [and profit],” he said. “Partners are looking into AppDev opportunities around IoT because every implementation is somewhat unique and it gives them a chance to lock in their IP and build a brand.”

Tip: Pursue All of a Customer’s Business

In years past, your customer had multiple swim lanes for technology, Josh Lupresto said. They might go to their MSP for IT support, a PBX vendor for the phone system, their VAR for servers and storage infrastructure, and their agent for the network, he said.

“Someone is ultimately going to own that account,” he said. “Companies are starting to stray away from wanting five-plus relationships. They are going to want one, maybe two. I believe it’s the partner that can understand the opportunity, become the expert generalist, and leverage the expertise of the master agents to speak intelligently about each of those different technologies.”

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