The CP List: 20 Challenges, Tips for Channel Success in 2019


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Tip: Focus on Experience

TBI's Bryan Reynolds

TBI’s Bryan Reynolds

New sales are important, but the next generation of products are typically the add-on necessities, Reynolds said. You are the trusted adviser, but today’s customer requires a lot more of that.

“The value of the channel is that we are, have been and always will be trusted advisers; this isn’t new,” he said. “What matters more is the experience you create for your customers. Commodity is dead, experience is critical and relevance is not centered around having the ‘newest’ technology.” 

Tip: Adapt and Overcome the Fear of Change

You are in technology, so you are used to the ever-changing landscape of offerings through the channel, Reynolds said. However, are you prepared for the next generation of customer?

“Be cautious of the proverbial bandwagons that arise from new hypes — if you jump on the wrong one, you may have a hard time getting off and turning around,” he said. “Challenge yourself to think differently.”

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