The CP List: 20 Challenges, Tips for Channel Success in 2019


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Challenge: Campus Becomes Hot Again

A few years ago, data center was all the rage, while more recently SD-WAN has revitalized the branch. In 2019, expect campus networking to be in vogue again, Bushong said.

“Driven by some of the same technologies (SDN, SD-WAN, intent-based networking and so on), the campus will go through a similar transformation,” he said. “Vendors have retooled their portfolios in preparation, and most market forecasts showed campus shifting from slow decline to slight growth this year. That trend should continue.”

Challenge: SD-WAN Yields to SD-Enterprise

It’s not that SD-WAN will become less important in 2019, but as the industry starts applying the principles of SD-WAN more broadly, SD-WAN will start its evolution to SD-Enterprise, Bushong said. Cloud management and intelligent routing across the WAN can be transformative for more than the subset of products currently in market. As campus moves this direction, it seems inevitable that the concept will broaden.

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