The CP List: 20 Challenges, Tips for Channel Success in 2019


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Challenge: Ecosystems Will Replace Vertical Suppliers

Juniper Networks' Mike Bushong

Juniper Networks’ Mike Bushong

For decades, the networking space has been dominated by large, vertically integrated stacks, said Michael Bushong, Juniper Networks‘ vice president of enterprise and cloud marketing. With the rise of cloud and multicloud forcing multivendor integration from an operations perspective, it would seem that the vertical approach to the market will begin to give way to an ecosystem strategy.

“Importantly, that ecosystem will bring suppliers together that span all of compute, storage, networking and even applications,” he said. “Where the past was led by a well-known set of incumbents, suppliers like Nutanix with their hybrid and multicloud solutions and RedHat (now part of IBM) with their orchestration solutions, will take on more prominent roles. This will chip away at the incumbent routes to market, which will begin a one-way move toward a more diverse solutions environment.”

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