The CP List: 20 Challenges, Tips for Channel Success in 2019


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Challenge: Adapt to Industry M&A

Telarus's Patrick Oborn

Telarus’s Patrick Oborn

“When we see things like AT&T buying AlienVault to bolster their log management play and IBM coming to the channel with a full security and cloud offering, we recognize and adapt to those changes,” said Patrick Oborn, Telarus’ co-founder and vice president of partner experience. “No longer is it always safe to stay in a certain swim lane because you may find competition coming from new areas you weren’t competing against before. The competitive landscape has caused us to evolve.”

Tip: Be the Expert

Partners have to be the source of unbiased experts, Oborn said. Once you figure out a solution, you still must vet out who the appropriate vendors might be, he said.

“Experts are becoming more and more expensive and very few companies can afford to have them on staff,” he said. “Leveraging an expert on demand has to be the way to do business. Give those experts a shot and let them help you grow your business.”

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