Thanks for the Memories

As with most things in life, this special anniversary issue was not created in a vacuum. So, it is with sincere gratitude that the editors of PHONE+ thank the executives, their assistants and their public relations staffs for their efforts in tracking down 20-year-old data, logos and photos, and, of course, accessing the old gray hard drive for the memories that are stored there. Thankfully, the human memory is much more capacious than the PCs of two decades ago (see Page 35).

We also are indebted to the great innovators who have made our industry possible with their technological genius, their fight for competitive markets, their unwillingness to take no for an answer, and, mostly, their imagination. Where would we be without the Internet, e-mail, wireless smartphones? Its a wonder we communicated at all. It was practically the dark ages, our kids certainly would say. But, we lived it and lived to tell about it. For more recollections from industry leaders and longtime readers, go to

We also thank the many people at Virgo Publishing who have made this publication possible. The editors are supported by a vast team of ad executives, production managers, artists, Web developers, circulation managers, event managers, educational directors, accountants, and other support personnel without whom, the production of this magazine, its Web Site and trade show are not possible.

We also thank the executive team for sticking with us through the lean times as well as the fat ones. (Telecom is coming back, we promise. Did we just put that in writing?)

Thank you a million times over to our supporters readers, sponsors and advertisers. This is your magazine as much as ours.


Youve been reading PHONE+ for years. Why didnt anyone ask your opinion? Were asking. Tell us how long youve been a subscriber, why youve hung on so long, your memories of then and hopes for now. Go to Your entry could be selected to appear in our 20th Anniversary ad campaign, which will run throughout 2007. Need more inspiration? OK, hows this: If your entry is selected, you will receive a $50 gift card.

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