Thank You

Posted: 07/1999

The Letter

Thank You

Khali HendersonThank
you. Two small words that when used carry so much weight. Their impact is greater still
when left unsaid.

In fact, studies show that appreciation is among a human being’s most claimed prizes,
valued more greatly than money. (This is a statistical trend; individual opinions of
carrier sales reps may vary.)

And so it is with that in mind that managers at this publishing company have been
tasked to be less stingy with the phrase.

And on a grander scale, to recognize individuals whose contributions have advanced
competition in the telecommunications industry since the breakup of the AT&T-Bell
System, PHONE+ has teamed with the Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) to
create the Telecommunications Industry Competition Award. Beginning in 1999, the award
will be presented jointly by PHONE+ and TRA annually at TRA’s Fall Conference &
Exhibition, along with a $10,000 contribution to a charitable cause of the honoree’s

TRA Chairman J. Sherman Henderson explains the award this way: "There have been
many individuals who through their vision and leadership have made a distinctive personal
mark in the important efforts to achieve competition in telecommunications. We want to
begin a process that will recognize and honor them."

In developing this award, there was much debate about the addition of yet another
industry trophy and what value it may hold in a crowded field. I could justify its
existence easily by listing the unique parameters that will be considered. Or by noting
that this individual–through some innovation, technology, business practice, lobbying
effort or other means–will have impacted greatly the livelihoods of the entrepreneurial
members of the groups presenting the award. I could, but I won’t.

These explanations only serve to perpetuate a debate that in my mind is not worth
having. It’s like trying to justify saying thank you. Should we refrain because it’s been
said before? Of course not.

So with a flourish and a crystal statuette, we will express our sincere gratitude
without apology.

Khali Henderson


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