Teridion’s New Channel Chief: Public Cloud Sets Us Apart from Aryaka, Cato



… listen, and we’ve got instant credibility. And the partners listen as well. I think that’s key to our growth in the channel — leveraging our technology partners. Thus far, the technology partners have been very vocal about how we complement their solutions so well.

CP: From what companies are you trying to differentiate yourself?

KM: It’s fair to say that we stand alone, but there are some folks that are doing something similar to us. I think the main difference is, we’re providing our solution completely over the public cloud, whereas our competitors are building a transport infrastructure. They’re setting up their private network. I think we’re doing a great job at differentiating ourselves, and it’s unique that we’re leveraging the public cloud.

CP: And are these competitors SD-WAN providers with private networks?

KM: Yeah, someone like a Cato or an Aryaka. They’re kind of building their own private footprint. They’re doing great with their messaging, but I think our footprint is so easy to scale. Our capacity is limitless. We don’t suffer the same constraints as they do.

CP: Meraki seems like such a key relationship. Could you tell us more about it?

KM: The timing is great that we get to talk again and give you an update on Meraki. We were at Cisco Live last week, and I personally was blown away by the reception we had. There were a lot of Meraki folks that came by and said, “Hey, I know a little. Tell me everything.” They were so excited about it, and at the end of the conversation they’d say, “OK, I’m going to bring a partner by” or “I’m bringing a customer by.” It was a constant flow of Meraki partners, prospects and the Meraki team. The excitement is in a fever pitch. The timing [of Cisco Live] was great, and it puts the wind at your sails in the sales process.

They’re very excited to put us in front of their partners and their prospects. They love us because we’ve got a shared vision for cloud networking. They see [that] we’re complementary and additive to their solutions. The synergy … it just works. It makes a lot of sense.

CP: Anything else you’d like to add?

KM: Certainly SD-WAN is a very hot topic right now. I think if you’re trying to get in front of somebody, SD-WAN is one of those topics where people will put you down on their calendar. But the SD-WAN providers think their solution is the final frontier — that it’s the destination. The truth of the matter is, they’re stopping where we’re starting. They don’t even realize they’re not addressing the challenge of the middle mile. What we’re doing is revolutionizing cloud networking, and these SD-WAN providers have done it by addressing the first and last mile and getting you to the cloud.

One of our challenges is that this is so unique that we’ve got to do a lot of education. There’s not even a Gartner Magic Quadrant for what we do. That’s a positive and a negative. It just means we’ve got to do a lot of educating, but I love the conversations we get to have. You get to see the light bulb go on, and whoever the audience is immediately starts to think about how they implement this in their environment.

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