(AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22)

Have you hugged a tree today? If you are a Virgo, chances are you have. Virgoans are naturals with nature and excel in careers involving nature.

But there is a downside to this affinity: When nature calls, it calls Virgo first Virgoans are ruled by the stomach and intestines. This digestive tension also is complicated by Virgos tendency to be worried about the future and fussy about the present which may make the stress of the current competitive landscape in our industry a very hard pill to swallow. So, as we wait for the FCC, the courts and Congress to make some decisions, you should consider doing some regulating of your own take some time off, get some fresh air and eat plenty of fiber. Mmmm, did someone say, bran muffins?


RICH OYLER (SEPT. 16, 1977)

Telecom Virgo Rich Oyler hails from Johnson City, Tenn., where he is a project manager for Saratoga Technologies Inc., a technologies solutions company with offices in England, South Africa and East Tennessee. Rich proudly sports the Virgo characteristics of being practical, acting intelligently and having a penchant for details. A self-admitted perfectionist, Rich will organize just about anything he can get his hands on, from the M&Ms on his desk to the 70 dress shirts sorted by color in his closet. Some say Virgoans are known to be overcritical and picky which may explain why Rich hates tomatoes, but loves tomato soup.

Another love of his is international travel. Rich has traveled to the Bahamas and Cayman Islands to swim with the stingrays, and he also counts Israel as his favorite international trip. Locally, Rich enjoys taking weekend trips to University of Tennessee or Ohio State University football games. But if youre carpooling with this meticulous Virgo, beware … one of Richs biggest pet peeves is people who drive the speed limit.

Go, go, Speed Racer!

Best Day to Lie About Your Golf Handicap:

Best Day to Try a New Route Home: SEPT. 18
Best Day to Feel the Burn at the Gym: SEPT. 29

Planetary Prediction: One day, someone will care that Sept. 19 is National Butterscotch Pudding Day.

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