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If youve been wondering what to get your favorite Leo for his or her birthday, I have the answer a heating pad. Leos are ruled by their spines and backs, and they often find that their hard working and fast living causes extra stress on their lower backs, spinal cords and even their hearts. Astrological voodoo hoopla aside, Leos need to be less concerned with planet alignment and more concerned with vertebrae alignment. While a day at the spa with a hot stone massage, paraffin wax treatment and a chakra-enhancing facial might sound like a more sophisticated Leo gift, keep in mind that those gifts will be gone in a few hours. A heating pad excites the Leo aura just the same, and it will last forever … or at least until the filament burns out!


SCOTT LEVY (AUG. 18, 1964)

As director of business development for The Telecom Solution Center, Scott Levy exemplifies the cornerstone Leo characteristic of unmatchable enthusiasm. In his personal life, Scott embodies another distinguishing Leo attribute warm-hearted compassion and concern for friends and family. Scott has two beautiful daughters, Allison and Annie, and says he is more proud of being a father than any other accomplishment in his life. However, running a close second has to be his past stint as a medic, when he delivered three babies: two boys and a girl.

Leo has tons of creative energy, and when not using this energy for work, a Leo can be found hard at play. When it comes to expending this excess energy, Scotts poison is poker. Though not ready to make poker his career, Scott has been known to clean up in online and local money games weekly, and he hits the casino for tournaments whenever he has the chance. When asked how the telecom industry compares to poker, Scott quipped, In poker, you dont always need to have the best cards to win the match. In telecom, your poker cards are your products and you dont have to be the biggest or cheapest to win customers. If you are focused on your customer and their needs instead of your quota, you will always have the best hand and win every time. As a card shark, Scott should know that some psychics believe playing cards can be used to see the future using an esoteric card language based on astrological and numerological influences. A birth date of Aug. 18 makes the eight of clubs Scotts lucky card meaning he has an accurately focused mind, an exceptional memory, a sharp inner vision and the ability to overcome any obstacle. Perhaps his next royal flush will contain secret information about the impending boom or doom of the telecom industry.

Best Day to Climb Mount Everest:

AUG. 4
Best Day to Buy a BlackBerry: AUG. 29
Best Day to Invest in IKEA Stock: AUG. 30

Planetary Prediction: Fore! August is National Golf Month! Im convinced that we will one day find out that the young Jack Nicklaus and that dude that played Dauber Dybinski on the TV series, Coach, were really identical twins separated at birth by a 20-year time warp.

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